Team Building

Learn how team building activities can strengthen your business

Team Building

Creating and maintaining a cohesive team is an important task for a manager. Having a team that works well together can help make day-to-day activities run more smoothly, and can even make the manager's role even less hands-on, which frees up time for administrative duties. Team building can also make work more pleasant for team members as it allows them to bond with their teammates as peers, not just coworkers.

Many companies are very supportive of corporate team building and are even willing to foot the bill for teams to participate in team-building activities. They believe that rewarding their teams for working together to accomplish goals is important for employee well-being and company productivity.

Tips for Team Building

If you're a new manager, the first step in management training is to learn how to get your team to work together. Teammates should be able to trust each other and to work collaboratively both with one another and with you. Team-building tips that you can try from your role as a manager could include the following:

  • Empower your team. Assign tasks, but allow your team members to run with them and voice their own ideas and opinions. Knowing you take them seriously will help give them confidence and a sense of belonging on the team.
  • Be approachable. Encourage your team to come to you with problems or issues and be open to talking about them. Make sure you're willing to really listen to what they have to say and discuss it in a frank and open member.
  • Be flexible. Giving your employees flexibility to balance work and life will help make their work experience better and will inspire dedication to their job and their team.
  • Don't be afraid to joke. While it's still necessary for you to play the role of manager, keeping things light at times is a great way to build a sense of teamwork and support.

Team-Building Ideas

There are many activities you can try to help build team spirit, from goofy team-building games to more practical seminars and workshops. A few easy-to-incorporate ideas include:

  • Weekly brainstorming meetings. Have a short weekly meeting in which team members can share ideas, progress and accomplishments. This will help your team better understand each other's roles.
  • Reward performance. Set high goals but be sure to celebrate accomplishments and project closeouts by taking the entire team for a lunch or a special activity. Even if you can't cover the whole bill, your team will appreciate the time out.
  • Plan an outing. This doesn't have to happen often, maybe once or twice a year, but have the team collaborate on an off-site outing for a day of fun on the company bill.
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