Should your company hire a recruitment consultant


All CEOs, directors and managers know the importance of finding and retaining employees, but the process of recruiting can often be a challenge. Even with dedicated HR staff, it can be hard to find the time to craft job postings, pour through applications and schedule interviews with prospective candidates.

If you make the decision to keep your recruiting efforts in-house, there are some general guidelines that can help make the process easier. It may also be advantageous to consider outsourcing your recruiting needs to a recruitment professional or firm, in order to save yourself time and effort in finding potential candidates for particular roles.

Tips on Recruiting

If you're handling your recruiting through your own human resources department, there are some general tips that can make the process easier and may lead to a greater success rate in finding and hiring employees. These include:

  • Know what employees are looking for. While many companies think salary is the only consideration for prospective employees, other incentives such as competitive vacation or flex-time can also be enticing.
  • Scope out the competition. If you find you're losing employees to the competition or are having trouble finding people for a particular role, do some research into what other companies are offering for the same position and read other postings for similar jobs to see if you're on track.
  • Use all mediums of advertising. An ad in a newspaper doesn't cut it anymore—advertising through the Web on your corporate site and on job-finding search engines is a must, and you should also spend some time digging through online resumes.
  • Headhunt. There is no harm in working connections and seeking out employees whom you think may be willing to leave a current position. While this method takes a little more time, you may find yourself finding a more dedicated employee.
  • Use recruiting software. If you're expecting a large number of applicants, recruitment software can help you compile, search and manage the information when it comes time to narrow them down.

Outsourcing Recruitment

Many companies prefer to leave recruiting to professionals and will choose to work with recruitment firms or an independent recruitment consultant. These professionals come with advanced knowledge in recruiting and can dedicate themselves to finding candidates who fit your specific guidelines for a position.

Many recruitment firms are willing to work to fill any position within a company, but there are also specialty professionals, such as executive recruiters or IT recruiters, who will have industry connections that will help them find the best fit for specific positions you're looking to fill.

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