Project Management Training

Will a project management training course help your career?

A project manager is someone who is charged with overseeing a specific project within a company from start to finish. This includes: creating a project plan; collecting the necessary resources; budgeting the time, money and man-hours the project will require; ensuring steps toward completion in a timely fashion; and finally, successfully closing the project out.

Being a project manager is an advanced and much-coveted role, but it is a role that requires a lot of time and responsibility, as well as specific knowledge and skills. Project management training helps numerous business professionals move into this role and handle the many responsibilities that come with it.

Types of Project Management Training

Project management spans across many industries, and many project managers find themselves jumping between industries throughout their careers. However, it's also common for a project manager to specialize in one particular area, and thus, only focus their training in that industry. Two common examples of project management training include:

  • IT project management training. IT project management training will focus on understanding of computer hardware and software, as well as the latest security protocols. An IT project manager will need to be familiar with the work of programmers, developers, systems analysts and other IT professionals in order to assess and strategize a project in the industry.
  • Construction project management training. Construction project management training generally consists of risk assessment, materials budgeting, labor management, and zoning and bylaw training. Construction project managers will also gain an understanding of the roles of those working with them, such as engineers, tradesmen, contractors and more.

Getting Project Management Training

Many people get promoted to project manager after spending a significant amount of time in their industry, but generally, it takes much more than experience to be an effective project manager. Business training, in areas such as accounting, communication, organization and more, is a huge part of project management, along with industry knowledge.

To acquire these skills, many professionals take a project management training course. These courses can be lengthy and labor-intensive, so an online project management training course may be a good choice if you have a busy schedule (though classroom courses are also available). These courses typically award certification as a PMP, or project management professional, at the end.

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