Negotiation Training

Take charge with negotiation skills training

Negotiation is a skill that can come in handy any time—buying a car, bidding on a house, and so on—but it can be especially important in the business world. If you've got a product to sell or you're looking for a service, the most important thing is to get the best deal, and strong negotiation skills can help you get there.

Not everyone is born knowing how to negotiate, which is why business negotiation training can be so valuable. It can not only give you the skills you need to negotiate in the workplace but can also equip you with the confidence to go out and get what you want.

Negotiation Training Curriculum

There are many types of negotiation skills training programs, but the most common is sales negotiation training. Good sales negotiation starts with knowing your product inside and out. Once you have this knowledge, you'll be able to predict buyer questions and prepare for them, so you can put the buyer at ease. Both sales and other negotiation skills training programs will also focus on these three areas:

  • Relationship building. Being able to meet and establish a good rapport with potential clients is a critical part of negotiation training.
  • Problem solving. During a negotiation, potential clients will often attempt to ask difficult questions and may even become belligerent during dealings. Problem solving and critical thinking skills can help a negotiator overcome these barriers with a client and work toward closing a sale or deal.
  • Intuition. While you can't necessarily teach intuition, learning to interpret body language and social cues can help you be more successful in negotiations.
  • Reasoning. Logic, reason and patience are all important factors in a negotiation. Training will focus on creating an effective pitch, diffusing difficult situations and staying calm under pressure.

Getting Negotiation Training

Negotiation courses and workshops are plentiful. While it may seem like classroom courses are more constructive (as you have the opportunity to practice the skills you learn with classmates and instructors), many online programs are also quite sophisticated. Some feature interactive negotiation simulations to accompany course work, giving students close-to-real-life experience.

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