Marketing Training

Learn about internet marketing training and more

Marketing is one of the hottest careers you can get into—it combines creativity, innovation and sharp business skills into one cutting-edge industry. It's also an industry that's constantly developing and changing, which means marketing professionals need to constantly stay on top of their game to stay ahead of competition.

Marketing training is one of the best ways for current marketing professionals to keep their skills fresh and for new marketing professionals to continue to broaden their skill sets. Whether it's an intensive program or a short seminar on the latest new marketing trend, these training programs can help marketers shake off the cobwebs and create fresh ideas.

Types of Marketing Training

There are many different facets of marketing, and often marketing professionals will specialize in one:

  • Internet marketing. Internet marketing is a relatively new form of marketing, so many professionals are taking Internet marketing training courses to learn about online advertising, social media and other Web marketing avenues.
  • Radio and television advertising. For print marketing specialists, radio and television are a whole different playing field. Training on these formats might include script writing, production and more.
  • Copywriting. Copywriting is a big part of marketing, whether it's print or online. Copywriting training can help marketing professionals craft ads, website content, bulletins and other forms of advertising.
  • Sales training. Sales and marketing training go hand in hand, but can be very different from each other. Having the knowledge to move between the two streams is something all marketing managers should have on their resumes.
  • Management training. For those looking to move into management, marketing training with an emphasis on business skills and project management is available. These programs can help marketers blend their creative skills with managerial techniques.

Getting Marketing Training

The type of marketing training you choose will likely depend on where you are in your career. If you've just decided on marketing for your career path, an in-class or online marketing degree program is the place to start. For those who are already in the marketing world and are looking to diversify their skills, marketing courses are available online and in the classroom. These classes vary in length, from a weekend seminar to a year-long program, and will also vary in terms of credential awarded upon completion.

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