Leadership Training

Discover the benefits of leadership development training

Leadership training (also known as business leadership training and leadership development training) is a great tool for new managers who may not yet be comfortable in their roles as overseers. It can help give managers the confidence to tackle challenges and offer guidance, and can also teach them how to bring out the best in all members of the team.

Leadership training is also beneficial for those who have been in managerial roles for a while. Often, managers can fall into a pattern that may not be the best for team morale or productivity. A leadership training course is the perfect way to inspire seasoned managers toward new ways of thinking and managerial techniques.

Leadership Training Curriculum

Training in leadership covers a number of skills that will help new managers learn to successfully guide their teams to success within a company. Topics in the curriculum will likely include (but aren't limited to):

  • Strategic planning. Strategic planning focuses on skills such as risk assessment, long-term outlook, strategic execution, monitoring and control, as well as many other factors that can make or break a project.
  • Management. Management leadership training prepares individuals to delegate workload by empowering team members to rise to challenges presented. It also teaches managers how to effectively collect information from team members to present as a whole.
  • Time management. Time management training will help managers establish timelines and budget time throughout the duration of a project, to ensure successful completion. Skills like task scheduling and project chunking will be emphasized.
  • Critical thinking. Managers are often charged with making final decisions that can impact a project. Developing critical thinking and problem solving skills will help them make these decisions efficiently and responsibly.
  • Team building. Team building is an important factor in management. Training will teach managers to inspire and empower their team members and to open communication channels internally between team members as well as externally with other departments.

Getting Leadership Training

Leadership courses are often not particularly time-intensive. Generally, they are offered as weekend retreats or in-house seminars, though they may last as long as a full week. The tone of these courses is also less formal than many other forms of business training, and may include brainstorming activities and anecdotal conversation as a supplement to course curriculum.

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