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IT Training

Any IT professional knows that learning doesn't stop once you've landed a job. The role is always changing, due to advances in hardware, software and technology, so it's important to continue with IT education and training to say up to date.

IT is also one of the most competitive industries nowadays, and jobs are quickly snatched up. If you're still looking for a job in the field, adding credentials and certifications to your resume may help put you ahead of the pack. There are many training opportunities available to IT professionals, with flexible offerings that suit any situation or lifestyle.

Types of IT Training

There are many types of IT certification training that can help new IT professionals expand their knowledge base and help seasoned professionals add to their credentials or prepare for advanced roles.

Samples of IT training courses include:

  • IT management training. IT managers are typically responsible for large teams and various support needs. IT management training can help new managers, still with the mindset of being hands-on, learn to create an IT services strategy, balance projects and responsibilities, and delegate work to team members efficiently and responsibly.
  • IT hardware training. Hardware training programs will focus on the fundamentals of computer and peripheral repair, including installation, upgrading and troubleshooting.
  • IT software training. IT software training may include training in various programming languages, such as SQL or Java, and may also focus on training with various software tools, such as anti-spyware applications, security programs and more.

Getting IT Training

IT training is available in a number of forms that are accommodating to those with full-time positions, including:

  • Online IT training. This type of training is often best for those who are taking longer training programs (weeks, months or even years) to further their knowledge and gain academic credentials.
  • IT seminars. Weekend or week-long seminars are a common choice for IT professionals who are asked to upgrade by their employers. These seminars may be used to gain certification or may just be for general learning.
  • In-class IT training. Many institutions offer IT classes and courses, taught by certified professionals. Depending on the institution, they may be offered as night courses to accommodate those who have full-time jobs.
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