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A competitive employee benefits package is an important consideration for many job seekers, often measuring right up to salary and holidays. In fact, many employees will choose a position with a lesser salary and a good benefits package over one with a higher salary but little to no benefits.

From an employer's perspective, offering a benefits package is good for company health and morale, as well as for employee retention. Removing stressors from an employee's life, such as paying full price for prescription drugs or glasses, can make a big difference in an employee's view of job satisfaction and company loyalty.

Types of Coverage to Include

The type of coverage you offer will depend on the needs of your employees, but there are some common elements that are found in most employee benefit packages:

  • Vision. Vision coverage may apply to the glasses or contacts themselves, but some plans will also include an eye exam as part of the coverage. Standard coverage typically runs on a two-year schedule.
  • Prescriptions. While full coverage of prescriptions is great, many employees are satisfied with co-paying for their prescriptions or covering the dispersal fee. Many companies offer coverage of all prescriptions, while others may choose some prescriptions to be exempt.
  • Dental. Dental coverage may be limited to cleanings, or may include other dental work such as X-rays or fillings. Typically, coverage will only be provided at designated times, such as every 6 months or every year.

On top of these, you may wish to add what are often considered "luxury" benefits, such as massage, physiotherapy or orthodontia.

Choosing an Employee Benefits Administration Service

There are many employee benefit services out there to choose from, but many employers and human resources professionals don't feel they have enough knowledge to make an informed decision. In this case, it may be practical to seek the help of employee benefit consultants, who can assess the needs of a specific company and provide expertise in choosing the best service.

Consultants are up to date on the most current employee benefit news and will examine issues such as cost, available products, support and much more from a variety of sources. They can also offer competitive analysis of various employee benefit services and collect quotes on basic packages and customized care, to help you make the decision that is best for your company and employees.

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