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Business School

Many people choose business school for further education because they know it will prepare them with in-demand skills that will open a number of doors across varying industries. Many positions for graduates of business are very lucrative, with ample room for upward growth. There is also plenty of room for continued education, with a variety of specialty programs within the field as well as advanced degree opportunities.

While big names like Yale School of Management and Harvard Business School might be on the tip of everyone's tongue when it comes to the best business schools, there are many other institutions that offer comprehensive programs which are revered in the industry.

Types of Business Programs

There are many specializations offered in the field of business, including accounting, marketing, finance and much more. A common choice, however, is to specialize in business administration, which encompasses a variety of these specializations and provides overall management training. There are different levels of business programs that you can pursue, depending on your interest and drive:

  • BBA programs. Bachelor of Business Administration programs are typically four years in length and provide foundational training on business processes and management techniques.
  • MBA programs. Master of Business Administration programs offer the next step up from bachelor programs. These can be taken at a dedicated MBA school of business, but are also commonly offered at colleges and general business schools. The length of these programs varies, particularly if a student chooses to pursue a specialty.
  • DBA and PhD programs. Doctor of Business Administration programs and PhD programs in business differ only in that the former is geared toward applied research and the latter to theoretical research. These designations can take years to achieve, and many students choose to pursue them after spending some time in the working world.

Other Business Training Options

If you're a business professional looking to upgrade your skills but you're not ready to invest years of time, there are other business training options available. Business courses in the various specialties of your particular industry can help you add valuable skills to your resume that you can apply in your current job or in your next job. Typically, these courses are shorter in duration, lasting anywhere from a few weeks to one year. They are often offered in a classroom environment, but can also be taken online for greater flexibility.

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