Web Design

Why you need professional Web design and development

Web Design

Web design is not something to take lightly in the business world. Custom Web design can help set you apart from other businesses, giving you a more professional look. It can also help you improve customer interaction through easier access to the information they're looking for.

Many companies try to sneak by with hodgepodge websites built by developers or those with basic knowledge in HTML and CSS. This might seem to work, but you'd be surprised what a professional Web designer can do. They're trained in the latest Web design software and techniques and can put their skills to work enhancing not only your website but your business, as well.

Professional Web Design Features

Professional Web design typically includes the following features:

  • Attractive look. Most Web designers are also graphic designers, so they know what looks good to clients and customers. Not only can they create brand elements like an original logo design, but they will also know which design features work well on the Web, and which don't.
  • Flash. Flash is considered a more sophisticated design tool that generally only Web design and development professionals are familiar with. Adding a flash piece to your site can give it a modern look that customers will like.
  • Use of search engine optimization (SEO). Many Web designers know the principles of SEO and can help you design your site around them to increase your rankings.
  • Easy navigation. To customers and visitors, avigation is the most important element of your website. Professional Web designers know how to structure the navigation of a website to make it easy and intuitive to users.
  • Streamlined code. Many websites have clumsy code that can be difficult to alter. Professional Web designers are trained to keep code simple, efficient and accessible.

Getting Professional Web Design

If you want a professional design for your company's website, you have two basic options—you can add a Web designer to your staff or work with a Web design company. There are pros and cons to each option.

The biggest benefit of having an in-house Web designer is that they work with you directly and can really feel out the business to get an understanding of what the website should look like. Unfortunately, many businesses don't have enough work to staff a Web designer full-time. Working with a Web design company may seem a little pricier initially, but you do have the option of paying for work only as you need it.

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