Office Coffee Services

Perk up employees with an office coffee service

Most businesses, especially those with long hours and hectic days, can benefit from an office coffee service. Unfortunately, some companies don't even know what these are and are therefore stuck with a single, slow coffee brewer and a pot full of burnt coffee—not a great thing for office morale.

If coffee is what keeps your employees going, treating them to the high-quality experience of an office coffee service is a nice touch. It's more affordable than you might think and chances are, when they're working early mornings or into the evening on a big project, they'll appreciate it.

What is An Office Coffee Service?

An office coffee service is similar to a vending machine service, except instead of dispensing candy bars and chips, it offers coffee. In coffee vending machines, the choice is typically up to the employer whether to charge or not. Coffee services will lease coffee machines (or loan them for free, depending on the company) and regularly supply coffee right to your company door. While cleaning of the machine may be left up to the company (typically this only involves emptying used coffee grounds, and many office cleaning services offer to take care of it), maintenance on the machine will be performed by the coffee service.

There are different types of machines that coffee services offer—some will be dispensers in which employees will simply place their cup under the fountain, select their settings and push a start button, and others will be individual brews in which employees place their selected coffee packet (flavored coffees and a variety of roasts are usually offered), place it into the machine and start brewing.

Choosing Office Coffee Services

When choosing an office coffee service, you'll want to look for a variety of features that will meet the needs of your employees:

  • Look for additional services. Many coffee services offer additional vending machine service, such as water and even snacks, and will bundle the prices for a savings to the company. They may also provide dishware or paper cups.
  • Go green. Some coffee services brand themselves as environmentally friendly, offering recyclable packaging materials, green cleaning products and organic coffee or juices.
  • Offer variety. Not every employee will be a coffee drinker, so look for a machine that can also provide hot water for tea (and a vendor that can supply tea bags) or hot chocolate.

In addition to these offerings, you'll also want to ensure that your vendor guarantees quality products, timely delivery and maintenance as well as quick response for unplanned servicing. Sometimes, there's nothing worse than being without coffee, so to be on the safe side, you might also want to keep your old pot and a can of emergency coffee on standby.

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