Medical Transcription Services

Outsource your medical transcription and coding

Medical transcription services are used across the healthcare industry—from small clinics to large-scale healthcare and research facilities. While many doctors still choose to file handwritten notes, others choose to outsource as a means of saving time that could be better spent in patient care.

Medical transcription services are generally open to establishing an arrangement that is tailored to individual healthcare provider needs. This may include bulk transcription services conducted on an as-needed basis, quick-turnaround contracts or even the provision of multiple services, such as medical transcription and coding or clinical training.

What is Medical Transcription?

For the purposes of speed and convenience, many health care professionals choose to dictate reports and findings into a voice recorder or take shorthand or handwritten notes. Medical transcription is the process of converting these voice reports or notes into textual documents, typically delivered in electronic form. These documents can then be placed into patient records if necessary or can be kept in electronic form and used for the purposes of reference and research. Medical transcriptionists may be asked to simply transcribe word-for-word or may be asked to format using a specific template provided by a physician.

While it's not necessary to be certified in medical transcription, many healthcare providers will seek to work with transcriptionists who have taken a medical training program or who have passed the CMT (Certified Medical Transcriptionist) exam offered through the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity.

About Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription can be a labor-intensive process, which is why many clinics and healthcare facilities choose to outsource their work to a medical transcription company. Medical transcription companies have trained, certified professionals on staff who can provide accurate, high-quality transcriptions for reasonable prices and are willing to customize their services to your needs. Online medical transcription services also open the door to quicker turnaround times, which can be beneficial to patients as well as healthcare providers.

In addition to transcription, many medical transcription services also offer other services, such as clerical consulting and training, auditing or medical billing services. (Many professionals often train in medical transcription and coding to make themselves more marketable.) If any of these services are appealing, look for a company that can offer all of them.

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