Legal Transcription Services

Outsource your legal transcriptions

Legal transcription isn't necessarily a service that every company needs, but it can be valuable in ways you might not be aware of, such as in records management and in the creation of a paper trail on important matters. Often, what occurs in meetings and conversations is lost or improperly documented. Legal transcription services can provide you with an accurate account of goings-on that you can enter into your records for later use.

Many companies offering legal transcription services are willing to customize packages that meet the individual needs of a company. To understand exactly what it is, you need to know exactly what the process is and what it can do for you.

What is Legal Transcription?

Legal transcription is just as it sounds—it's the process of recording and producing transcripts of legal proceedings and activities. It's done in a variety of ways, including steno typing, using a steno mask and transcribing recorded conversations.

In the business world, legal transcriptions are often needed for meetings revolving around a matter where lawyers are present, such as mergers or sales. The transcription will be used as an official document of the proceedings.

Many businesses also use transcription services solely for the purposes of records management. Conference calls, presentations, interviews, focus groups and other recorded events can be transcribed and even converted into an electronic format to give companies easy access to their records.

Finding Legal Transcription Services

When looking for a legal transcriptionist or a legal transcription service, be sure to inquire about these three areas:

  • Accuracy. Accuracy is critical in selecting a transcription service, so don't be afraid to ask for samples of work or demonstrations of process in any company you're considering. You may also want to request a trial of service before you sign up.
  • Quick turnaround. While you may not always require a speedy return of your materials, it's best to make sure the company you hire can provide this service so you're prepared should the need arise.
  • Confidentiality. The documents handled by legal transcriptionists are often of a very sensitive nature, so you'll need to get assurance of 100 percent confidentiality before you sign up.
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