Fleet Maintenance

Business fleet maintenance software and services

For those in the freight, shipping or vehicle operation industry, fleet maintenance can be a challenging aspect of the job. Ensuring that all vehicles are operational, well-maintained and operating at peak performance takes time and can even be a full-time job in itself.

While some companies choose to outsource their fleet maintenance, other companies keep the process in-house, combining it with other roles, such as supply chain management and others. For these companies, knowing more about fleet maintenance management tools and technology can help streamline the process and help owners gain insight and data on the performance of their fleets that can be used to improve business practices.

Fleet Maintenance Management Software and Tools

If you choose to handle your own fleet maintenance record keeping, there are tools that can help make the process easier. Fleet maintenance software is critical in keeping on top of scheduled maintenance checks and servicing appointments. It can also help you with other tasks necessary to keep your fleet at a high level of performance, including:

  • Fuel monitoring, by tracking fuel consumption to analyze costs and expenses over various routes
  • Parts inventory, by keeping data on which parts have been ordered for each vehicle, and keeping parts information at your fingertips for easy ordering
  • Fleet inventory tracking, by keeping track of all the details regarding each vehicle in your fleet, such as year, model, serial number and more through fleet inventory management and tracking
  • Travel history, by tracking routes and trips, which can help you evaluate wear and tear patterns on your vehicles

Some fleet maintenance management software will require manual entry, while others may be able to gather data via monitoring tools within the fleet itself. Regardless of the input method, your fleet maintenance software should allow you to generate customized reports that will help you with your specific needs.

Finally, while tools and technology can help you in keeping your fleet running smoothly, there is nothing more important than physical inspection. Conducting periodic physical inspections to complement preventative maintenance checks is the best way to keep your fleet performing to the highest standards.

Fleet Maintenance Consulting

If you're unsure of how to handle fleet maintenance on your own, and you would prefer not to hire an on-staff fleet maintenance manager, you may want to look into working with a fleet maintenance consulting company. These professionals can help you develop a fleet maintenance strategy that works for your business and assist you in finding the internal resources and tools to monitor and manage your vehicles.

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