Energy Audit

How an energy efficiency audit can benefit your business

Getting an energy audit (also known as an energy efficiency audit) is a smart move for businesses of any size. Building construction, business processes and many other factors can all influence the amount of energy a company consumes, and often there are ways to improve these that aren't brought to the forefront until an audit is conducted.

While sophisticated energy audit software is available and can make it easier to perform an energy audit on your own, hiring a professional will often save you more money in the long run. The depth of professional energy auditing is quite impressive and thorough, which makes it well worth the cost.

Commercial Energy Audit Process

Commercial energy audits will look at a number of factors, both internal and external. Just a few of the areas they will study include:

  • Lighting. Auditors will look at the types of lighting used, as well as any timer schedules that could be improved upon.
  • Building heating and cooling. Ventilation and automated heating and cooling are areas auditors will usually check for easy ways to reduce energy consumption.
  • Electronic equipment and run times. Running business equipment at more efficient times and making better use of standby modes can all help cut energy intake.
  • Window and door seals. Poor seals often lead to increased use of heating and air conditioning. While investing in new windows may seem like a large undertaking, it will generally pay for itself in a reasonable amount of time.

Along with these items, energy auditors will look back at a history of your utility bills to gain an understanding of your average expenditure and to look for patterns or spikes that can help them make recommendations on improving energy consumption.

Industrial Energy Audits

If your business requires industrial equipment, such as those used in manufacturing or processing, you'll need an industrial energy audit. These audits are structured differently than many normal business energy audits because of the scale of energy consumed and the complexity of systems.

Industrial energy audits also have a component that many other energy audits don't have—an energy repurposing and generation component. Professional industrial auditors will not only assess consumption of energy within your company, but will also assess the opportunities available for recovering heat from industrial processes as a means of alternative power supply.

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