Check Services

Streamline accounts payable and payroll services

Check services in the business world are different from the check services we normally deal with (namely, check cashing services). These services would better be called check printing services or even payroll services, as they are more concerned with helping businesses ensure that accounts are paid and employees receive their paychecks on time.

Check services are available to differing degrees, depending on the needs of your company. Many check service companies offer the benefit of handling all your needs for you through an account you establish with them, but others may also work with you to provide only the level of service you need, allowing you to work from your existing accounts.

Types of Check Services

Many check service companies offer a number of services to their clients. You may decide you can use all of them, but often you can customize a package of services to suit your needs. Some of the options offered by check services include:

  • Check printing services. Most check services are able to print and deliver your checks for you, complete with your branding.
  • Payroll processing services. Check services often help you manage your payroll through online payroll processing services, which involves issuing checks or coordinating the direct deposit of funds into employee accounts as requested, all through one transaction on the company's behalf.
  • Accounts payable services. Along with your payroll, check services can also handle your corporate accounts, again streamlining the process down to a single transaction.

Detailed reporting on all services is typically offered by all check service companies. These reports will provide you with records of all your transactions and can also be customized to provide data on your expenditures.

Using Check Services

When it comes to financial matters, outsourcing is always a challenging process. When hiring a check service company, you'll want to first ensure that they offer the services and flexibility you need for payroll and accounts payable. You'll also want to examine their client services practices and connect with an account rep so you always have a point of contact regarding your checks and expenses.

Researching the reputation of check service companies is also important. Whenever possible, gather references from those experienced with the services and don't be afraid to interview a few companies before choosing the one that's right for you.

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