CD and DVD Replication

Data sharing made easy

CD and DVD replication (also known as CD/DVD ROM replication or CD/DVD duplication) is a simple, affordable and convenient way to store and replicate data. Information can be permanently backed up in one-time sessions, or through the use of rewriteable discs, you can continue to add information on an ongoing basis if you so desire.

While CDs and DVDs are still the most common formats for data storage and replication, Blu-ray discs are also starting to get more use. Though they are more expensive, these discs have a far higher storage capacity and are capable of high-definition playback, which can be useful depending on your industry and needs.

When to Use DVD/CD Replication

Along with industries like production, media and music, the business world has many uses for CD and DVD replication. Among them, the most common uses include:

  • Employee information. Rather than handing out reams of paper documents, human resources staff can simply give new employees (or old ones) information on a disc, which they can then access anytime they want and browse at their leisure.
  • Training materials. Presentations and follow-up material from training sessions and seminars can be placed on discs and handed out as a take-away, so attendees will be able to revisit the information they learned.
  • Marketing and communications. Marketing materials, such as videos or slideshows, as well as communications documents like meeting agendas, can be given in electronic form to help cut down on the use of paper.

CD/DVD Replication Options

There are two main ways you can go about CD replication: in-house or outsourcing. Depending on your purposes, it may be best to outsource your CD/DVD replication and packaging to companies that can ensure high quality replications, with clear audio and crisp video. These companies are usually quite affordable and may have scaling rates depending on the quantity of discs you require.

If you choose to do your replication in-house, most computers have CD or DVD writers and software that can guide you through the process. There is also software available to help you design and print custom packaging for your discs, for a professional presentation.

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