Call Center Services

Put a call center to work for you

Call center services (also called call center customer services or customer call center services) can be a valuable asset within a company. A team of call center professionals can act as a gateway between the customers and the company, and can provide a positive touch point and service experience.

If you're interested in exploring call center services for your company, you'll want to look into both the types of services available as well as the options for staffing a call center. While having a fully-staffed call center is typically a good investment, there are ways to structure it that can help you save money without compromising quality.

Types of Call Center Services

Call center services typically fall into one of the following two categories:

  • Inbound call center services. An inbound call center is one that handles calls coming in from customers, for the purposes of technical support, information or other consumer issues and needs.
  • Outbound call center services. Outbound call centers are responsible for making calls on behalf of a business or client. These calls may be part of a marketing initiative, a fundraising effort, new client solicitation and more.

Depending on the needs of your company, you may need a team that provides both inbound and outbound call center services. Many call center professionals are trained in both these roles or can quickly pick up the skill.

Call Center Staffing Options

There are two main options for staffing a call center—hiring a team to work internally or using call center outsourcing services. The size of your company and the duration for which you will need their services (some companies only employ a call center seasonally or during peak periods) may influence your decision.

While having a dedicated call center team is generally the ideal option, outsourced call center staff can also be trained to meet the needs of your company. When hiring, be sure to scan resumes for experience in call center work, as often people who have prior experience are more comfortable and are better able to adapt to new roles.

Whether the team works onsite or off, you can conduct rigorous training sessions, provide background and source materials and do periodic call monitoring to ensure the staff are conducting calls as you would like. You can also review reports and monitor call analytics to get a greater understanding of successes and failures.

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