Business Security

Protect your assets with business security systems

Office Security

Business security is a necessary component for any company, large or small, well-known or under the radar. It is also critical no matter what type of industry you're in. Whether you're protecting millions of dollars in expensive jewelry or simply your digital assets and records, good security is a must.

Business security refers to the physical equipment necessary to protect a building inside and out. From the outer perimeter to an employee's computer, the security measures you put in place will help prevent your business from becoming a target to intruders, hackers and any other type of invasion.

Business Security Systems

The level of security you need for your building will depend on the type of business you're in as well as the size of the company. Small business security, for example, is likely on the simpler and budget-conscious side, while large companies may find it necessary to invest more into a sophisticated business security system.

However, just because your company is small doesn't mean you should compromise on quality. A good security system for any company should include the following:

  • Security camera. A business security camera is critical in that even the sight of it gives many intruders pause. A business security camera system may consist of multiple cameras placed in different locations around the building. These cameras can be monitored by a security company or may simply record footage.
  • Alarm system. Alarm systems typically consist of a loud noise intended to scare off the intruder, and a trigger that contacts the security company. The security company will then contact a representative of the business to make sure there was no false alarm, and they will also contact the authorities.

Larger companies, or those with valuable merchandise that needs to be protected, may also consider hiring security personnel to monitor the building during off-hours as part of their security strategy.

Business Network and Computer Security

Maintaining good security is about more than hanging a few cameras on the walls—it's about keeping internal information secure as well. Business network security is vital for keeping information private as it passes through the Web, an e-mail, a website, a file transfer or another source.

Business network security is a complex procedure that is best left to an IT services team. However, these professionals can work with you on the security measures you're interested in and can explain the processes and software involved.

Like the networks, business computer security is also important. Employee computers should have safety features to ensure the protection of vital information stored on them. External features like locks on laptop docks can help prevent theft, while software features such as fingerprint or password protection can make it much more difficult to access information should the computer be stolen.

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