The benefits of brokers


While most people think of brokers for their personal needs—like seeking the help of mortgage brokers when buying a house or financial brokers when looking to invest, for example—brokers are also very handy in the business world. There are numerous types of brokers and a variety of services that they can provide to help businesses with not only building and legal matters but also with day-to-day business practices.

If you're a business owner, understanding the different types of brokers available and the various avenues for engaging their services can help you decide which types will be of most benefit to you.

Types of Brokers

While there are many different types of brokers, the ones that will likely be useful to a business owner include:

  • Insurance brokers. Through risk management and assessment, business insurance brokers can help businesses secure the proper insurance packages that will protect not only the company, but also its employees.
  • Business brokers. Business brokers specialize in representing customers who are selling or buying a business. They can help in the bartering process, can act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller and can also help in marketing a business for sale.
  • List brokers. List brokers are often used for marketing purposes. These brokers have lists of contact information for potential new clients that a business can purchase or rent to suit their needs.

Finding Brokers

Specialty brokerage firms are usually plentiful. You want someone you can trust, so ask around and see if you can get a reference from a reliable source. If you don't have anyone who can make a recommendation, check out online brokers and firms and schedule face-to-face appointments. It may take a few meetings before you find someone whom you believe will be a good fit.

Once you've found a broker, you may want to consider keeping them on retainer or at the very least keep their contact information handy. Many brokerage firms have professionals in multiple areas, and you may find you want to use another staff member for a different job.

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