Trade Show Displays

Find a great display for your trade show booth


A trade show is an event created for companies in a specific industry to showcase their products, services and brands. They were created in medieval Europe, where entrepreneurs from miles around would come to major cities to showcase and sell products, as well as to network.

Most trade shows are open to the public; however, some can only be attended by other representatives of companies. Regardless of which type of trade show you are attending, you will need an interesting and eye-catching trade show booth to catch people's attention and help you gather leads and information.

Creating a Great Trade Show Exhibit

Trade show displays are what draw people in; they are the first thing potential customers see. Building a great booth takes some creativity—it should look professional yet interesting. Keep your booth stocked with brochures and pamphlets, and be ready to answer any questions posed by potential leads. Some trade booths are simply a table and chairs; others may include product demonstrations, a place to meet with potential colleagues and customers or an interactive display that will have customers interested in visiting and trying out your products.

Creating a trade show display from scratch can be very expensive and may not be a feasible part of small business planning. In this case, you may want to consider a trade show display rental. Many companies sell or rent lightweight, portable displays that can be easily transported. They can create posters and designs to help your booth look professional and attractive. Prices can range, but this may be a better option for businesses that don't have a lot of marketing capital at their disposal.

Trade shows are an excellent way to sell products and market your brand. Often, business owners find that they are able to make quite a profit at trade shows based on the number of people and the amount of interest in their industry. Creating a great display booth will not only catch people's interest and increase your customer base, but it will also help your business project a professional image.

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