Retail Marketing

Creating a strong retail marketing strategy

Retail marketing refers to the advertising of goods from a brick-and-mortar store, kiosk, booth and, more recently, from Internet stores via e-commerce. Traditional, direct forms of marketing like brochures, flyers or other mailers can work for retail businesses, but many prefer to also use online marketing, like e-mails or ads on social networking sites, and most retailers that can afford it use television marketing as a way to create brand awareness and draw in customers with timely ads. Learn more about one good retail marketing strategy, which consists of three elements: know your customer, emphasize customer service and obey supply and demand.

A Three-Step Retail Marketing Strategy

Retail businesses use a lot of research techniques to know their customer, including mystery shopping, focus groups and surveys. Knowing the demographic you're selling to makes it easier to target your marketing in ways that interest potential customers and encourage them to shop at your store.

Customer service is the best way to get customers to come back; all customer service employees should be aware of the fact that they are representing the brand and are in themselves a form of marketing (and should behave accordingly). Good customer service will keep customers wanting to shop at the store again and telling others about their positive experiences; bad customer service can easily have the opposite effect. Your customer service representatives and, by extension, your customers, can be the best marketing strategy your retail business has.

Supply and demand ties into both knowing your customers and providing them with superior service: keeping the right products stocked on the shelves goes a long way toward fostering brand loyalty. You can even consult professional retail marketing services to determine the best products to carry.

Marketing Retail Agencies

A retail marketing agency can help you determine the best place to put your marketing budget. The agency may provide you with the services of a media planner who can help you make contacts to run radio and TV commercials or place ads in the newspaper. However, retail marketing agencies can also oversee your Internet marketing—they can help you with things such as acquiring ad space, updating your website and creating a brand page on social networking sites.

Retail marketing is extremely important to get customers coming back to your store. A good strategy will help you draw in customers and keep their interest.

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