Promotional Products

Getting a custom promotional product for your business

Promotional Products

Promotional products are items produced directly for a business either by a promotional product supplier or by the business itself. They are normally produced to draw in the interest of potential customers as part of a draw, giveaway or other offer, or to thank existing customers for their purchase or loyalty. The marketing idea behind promotional products is that they create a positive impression and make a brand memorable.

The products could be anything, but typically they are common items, such as stuffed animals, key chains, USB memory sticks, mugs, clothing or office supplies, that are pieces of promotional merchandise because they prominently feature the company's name and/or logo. Not surprisingly, imprinted promotional products are popular because the branding is not only attractive but permanent.

Promotional products can be helpful for any company attempting to increase its sales leads and build databases for marketing purposes. Database marketing is often driven by incentive, and since promotional products are relatively cheap to produce and buy wholesale, they can be an effective way to draw more customers.

How to Design a Custom Promotional Product

While many promotional product suppliers offer the same types of products, some companies may be interested in a more unique experience for their customers. Custom promotional products can be designed to match customer needs; for example, a tool company may decide to imprint a socket set with their logo or release a limited-edition product that will drive interest. Sometimes, custom promotional products are more expensive to produce, but they can often offer a good return on your investment because your customers are more interested in a high-quality, limited-edition product that they can keep and use than they are in yet another mouse pad or pen.

Promotional business products can be found online and through brick and mortar stores. Normally, a company marketing representative will meet with a promotional product supplier and outline the company's needs. The product supplier will provide the all-important estimate based on the products chosen and the work to be done; most suppliers mass-produce their promotional products, which makes these items a fairly cost-effective advertising strategy for many companies.

These products are a great way to impress your customers and make them feel important; many customers love to get free products or limited-edition collector's items. Seeing that your company is willing to go the extra mile to create a quality branded product can not only draw customers in, but may make them customers for life.

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