Media Planner

Learn about media planning and media buying

The role of a media planner in an advertising agency refers to the individual who is responsible for selecting media to help the agency's clients advertise. Many small businesses do not have access to their own designers, photographers or audio-visual studios, but a media planner can look at their budget and help them decide where best to put their marketing dollars. Media planners have a lot of experience in marketing and can also consult on the best ways for start-up businesses to market to potential customers.

A media buyer is responsible for purchasing space and advertising time from ad platforms such as television and radio stations, websites and newspapers. Media buying requires a lot of networking, as rates can change based on how well the media buyer knows the people they are negotiating with. A media buying agency has to optimize the space that is bought and will often consult with the client company (and its marketing department, if it has one) to create commercials and ads that will be eye-catching, interesting and full of the information that customers need.

Internet Media Planners

Internet media planners are different from traditional direct marketing media planners. They help to plan out certain advertising campaigns online. Typically, they will sit down with the online marketing department and decide where the marketing budget should go. They research the different advertising mediums and advise on where and how the business should advertise.

Internet media planners may be able to offer advice about the business's website in addition to its paid marketing strategies, such as sponsored pay-per-click ads in search results and on other websites, or lead generation possibilities. They may also help to field questions asked online by customers and liaise with a public relations company in order to properly craft and target messages to the general public.

Media buying is important to businesses because it allows them to maximize their marketing potential and properly allocate their budget. This form of targeted, direct marketing works well to get the message to customers without second-guessing where the marketing efforts should go.

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