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Internet Strategy

Unlike direct marketing, which uses television ads, flyers and direct mail to market to customers, Internet marketing refers to the practice of marketing products and services online. This can take the form of e-mail marketing, social networking, website marketing, or search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Internet marketing is generally considered to be a cheaper, much more innovative option than traditional marketing methods, as the audience you can reach with Internet marketing is globally based and easily accessible.

An Internet marketing company teaches businesses how to use keywords to rank higher in search engine results, making it easier to be found by their customers. Internet marketing companies may also sell advertising to other companies, and can educate them on the different ways to market their business effectively.

Types of Internet Marketing Tools

There are several ways to break into Internet marketing. They include:

  • E-commerce. This is the practice of selling goods online. Using a shipping distribution centre and a secure site for payment, businesses can deliver goods directly to their customers in minimal time.
  • Lead generation-based websites. This is marketing using an Internet marketing strategy in order to gather leads for a business. This practice can take the form of e-mail marketing lists or sign-ups for offers online. Lead-gen websites normally use search engines for this process.
  • Affiliate marketing. This is the use of affiliate sites or companies to advertise your site or business to enhance Internet promotion, usually taking the form of link or ad exchanges.
  • Local Internet marketing. This is the strategy of finding companies through the Internet in order to foster the relationship offline.

There are many ways to market to your customers using these methods and others. Social networking is a relatively new way to market, and is actually quite cheap and very effective. Many people use some kind of social network (e.g., Facebook or Twitter), which means that not only can they visit your page and bookmark it, but they can also give feedback in the form of comments or images that can help your business in its strategic Internet marketing attempts.

Internet marketing is a new strategy on the marketing scene, and it's proven to be quite effective once businesses understand the best way to make it work for them. In the end, it's about catering to the customer's desires—and since many customers are found online, this method can easily maximize branding power and marketing investments.

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