Integrated Marketing

Learn about integrated marketing strategies

Integrated marketing refers to a type of marketing that combines both new and old strategies. While many companies are turning to Internet marketing, since that's where many customers spend a lot of their time, they may also use other marketing techniques such as television marketing, direct mail and other channels and domains. This gives the company the benefit of being able to communicate with all customers through their preferred method of communication, and it also allows them to personalize messages based on the method of marketing they are using.

A good integrated marketing strategy can really help your business find your target customer and increase branding power. Consider trying a combination of strategies to make this method work for you.

Integrated Marketing Communications

In order to make integrated marketing work for you, you need to be willing to change your marketing culture. For many businesses, regular marketing is a tried, tested and true method—they pick one vehicle that has worked for them in the past and continue to tailor their communications to fit that method. However, integrated marketing encourages you to break out of the box and get more creative with your marketing strategies. By doing this, you can get a great return on your investments and find new ways that will work for your business.

Integrated direct marketing combines traditional methods, such as flyers, brochure printing and television ads, with newer methods such as e-mail marketing, direct mail or telemarketing. Integrated Internet marketing, which is where many companies are investing their time and money, also uses viral video marketing, link exchange and social networking to get the company's message across. Integrated marketing may also work better for companies that are finding a lull in customer response, as new marketing methods may re-attract customers who may have become bored with your company's current communications.

Integrated marketing may require an extra upfront investment from your business, but it will pay off once you can tap all the channels of marketing available. This is a great way to cover all the bases and ensure that you are reaching your customer at every level.

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