Email Marketing

Discover how targeted e-mail marketing can work for you

E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing that delivers messages to customers through their computers. Companies can capture e-mail addresses by obtaining personal information from customers through contests or through promotional offers. They can then use these addresses to target communications by region, demographic, age or preferences. This form of marketing is perhaps the most personalized type yet, since messages can be easily and quickly written and deployed to reach customers at certain times and dates, something that direct mail marketing isn't guaranteed to do.

Many companies make use of an e-mail marketing list in order to properly personalize messages, and most of these lists are obtained using the customer's permission. Customers can opt out if they want to, but e-mails that don't allow customers this option are referred to as spam. Spam marketing is illegal and normally takes place between two companies that have sold e-mail lists of customers to each other.

Bulk E-Mail Marketing and E-Mail Marketing Software

Many companies choose this form of direct marketing, but may not want to take care of the deployments in-house. E-mail marketing software allows you to trigger e-mail deployments without having to actually be there to press the button. It also keeps track of your e-mail lists and helps you to verify e-mail addresses. One of the problems with e-mail marketing is that many e-mails are either filtered or bounce back. E-mail marketing software can help you determine which of your customers' e-mails are real, to help you measure how much of your communication is actually getting through.

Bulk e-mail marketing allows you to send one message to a big part or your entire e-mail list. E-mail marketing software helps you design your e-mail and embed images, videos and links easily. This is a good option for small business owners who can't afford a Web designer. E-mail software also helps you create targeted e-mail marketing campaigns easily and without a lot of work.

E-mail marketing is one of the main types of direct marketing these days and it actually works well, with an average open rate between 20 to 50 percent. Customers will read their e-mail more than regular mail flyers or brochures, which makes this a great way to promote your business.

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