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Direct marketing is a method of promotion that reaches your customers through direct communication, including e-mails, regular mail, leaflets or brochure marketing and signage. Direct marketing can also include other methods of marketing, such as TV advertising, newspaper ads and flyers. Direct marketing is the "bread and butter" of many marketing departments, and continues to be a strong method by which to deliver essential information to your customers.

Unlike Internet marketing, direct marketing sometimes requires the use of databases in order to keep track of who the business is contacting. It is also somewhat more expensive, as businesses often pay direct marketing services or individuals to engage in telemarketing and to craft e-mails, letters and advertisements to your customers. It's also a very aggressive form of marketing, which can turn customers away from your company and present you negatively. However, when done correctly, direct marketing is a great way to get your message out there and keep your customers in the know about your business and products.

Types of Direct Response Marketing

There are several types of direct marketing that work well with customers. Direct mail marketing uses the mail system to deliver offers, deals, rate changes and other information; many companies prefer this method. Paper coupons are often included in these mailings, which can then be used in-store. While direct mail marketing is a good way to keep in touch with your customers, it can be very expensive and it's not very environmentally friendly. Because of this, many companies are switching to e-marketing to save on paper and ink costs.

Direct e-mail marketing is quickly becoming the norm in today's business world. Since many people have an e-mail address and access to the Internet, email marketing is a great way to communicate easily, cheaply and effectively with consumers. Also, the inclusion of links, videos and images make it easy and cheap to showcase products on sale and generate interest.

Telemarketing is another form of direct marketing, but it's typically much more invasive, as most customers do not give their permission to be contacted by call centers. However, telemarketing can work in some situations, especially if a promotional offer or gift is offered at the time of the call. Do-not-call lists make this type of direct marketing more undesirable for companies these days.

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