Database Marketing

Learn about database marketing services

Database marketing is one of many effective marketing options for today's companies. While it isn't as cutting-edge as Internet-based marketing vehicles, marketing by database is still a good way to support any direct marketing initiatives your company may have. Database marketing, by definition, is marketing using databases of client information; these clients typically have either signed up for a loyalty program or an e-mail campaign, or are gathered as part of the company's best practices. Using these databases can be great for analytic purposes, and are normally put together using names and information from customers who have opted into the marketing program.

How to Create a Marketing Database

Whether you use this information for direct mail or as a part of an e-mail marketing initiative, it takes time and knowledge to build a significant database that can be used, analyzed and targeted. Start by offering a deal with a promotional product and ask customers if they will sign up for any communication by your company. Contests are also great ways to gather information from your customers. Always tell your customers that they will be contacted by your company so that they can give consent, preserving their privacy.

You can also gather database records through telemarketing or database marketing services. While both of these methods are legal ways to get information, they are also annoying to your customer and can be expensive. Beware of anyone who wants to sell you their marketing database unless you are certain they are trustworthy. For small business owners, it can be tempting to buy an entire e-mail marketing database, but often these addresses were obtained using illegal means and they can get your business in trouble, not to mention alienate your customers.

Database marketing software can help you manage and organize your database. It can also provide analytics on open rates and link clicks if you are using it for e-mail marketing, and can help you organize people by city, region, age or demographic in order to target messages to them. It can also give you an idea of how many people are following your brand.

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