Business Presentations

How to give an effective business presentation


Business presentations are an essential part of business life—they can make or break a sale, build confidence in your company's branding strategies or even just relay information to your customers, vendors or fellow team members. It's therefore important to give engaging presentations that will leave your team or client with a lasting impression of your company and of your brand. While presentations can be nerve-wracking for many people, you can learn how to give one without seeming nervous, presenting information in a clear and effective manner. Effective business presentations do require some practice, but training on this can help anyone do a great job in front of a group.

Effective Business Marketing Presentations

Set the tone for your presentation by starting with a memorable quotation, an interesting image or a surprising fact or statistic to catch your audience's attention. Stay calm, smile and make eye contact with one or two people in the audience. It can help to focus on an inanimate object straight ahead of you, but this can also look impersonal. If you are trying to impress clients, you need to engage your listeners.

Your presentation should have about four or five points of content. Ensure that you cover not only what you want to present, but why it's important and how it affects the business and your customers. Use professional business presentation software such as PowerPoint to give your audience a visual reference as well. You can use tables, charts and images to show growth, finances and more. Take time for questions, but don't let your audience steer you off-course. The best way to field questions is to allow some time for them at the end.

To finish your presentation, summarize your main points and leave your audience with a memorable remark. Chances are, the last point you make will be what your audience remembers, so ensure that you are leaving them with the most important point of your presentation. Pass out business cards and invite your audience to e-mail you any questions or comments they may have. If you are giving a business plan presentation, be prepared for people to ask you about your ideas and offer some suggestions of their own.

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