Business Cards

Memorable and interesting business card designs

Business Cards

Business cards are perhaps among the most valuable marketing tools a small business owner has; sometimes they can make or break a sale. An unforgettable business card not only represents your company's brand, it can also tell something about your company by its design alone. A well-designed card speaks to the customer and lets them know that your company takes its business seriously, enough to want to make a good first impression. It should be interesting enough that your potential customer will want to keep the card and consider your business for their consumer needs.

Business Card Design

Business card design is important, and to get started, there are several business card templates you can choose from. You must be able to effectively showcase your brand and leave a lasting impression. The best cards are thick, colorful, double-sided and simple. Using bold colors such as red can make your card stand out—a great logo design will help with this as well. An intricate design can work well for companies specializing in a design-related field, such as tattoo artists or jewelry companies, but they're not the best for larger businesses. Simply put, if the card is unreadable, the customer won't remember your name.

Hiring a Business Card Printing Company

When choosing a company for your business card needs, get an estimate first. A good company should be able to show you relevant designs from well-known brands, give you different options and estimates on what each of the options would entail, and also be able to ballpark the time needed to print the cards.

If you don't want to go with a company, there are free business cards available that you can design and print yourself, which can help keep costs down, especially for smaller businesses. Remember, cards don't have to just be rectangular; they can be any shape you want them to be.

Designing a memorable card will not only ensure that your customers remember your business, but it will also give you brand power and help you to become recognized in a sea of businesses struggling to capture customers' loyalty. Choose a great design unique to your business and really stand out.

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