Corporate and product branding


Creating a strong brand is vital to ensure your business' success—any other marketing method pales in comparison. Your brand is the first thing your customers see, and it represents not only who you are, but also the products you sell, the people who work for you, the experiences you give your customers, and the ways in which you pay attention their needs. Proper branding is the best way to market, and creating a strong corporate identity can ensure that you will capture the loyalty of your customers for years to come.

Corporate branding should be a big part of your marketing budget. Many big enterprises don't just have the main corporate brand, they also have several in-house brands or even partner brands that customers will connect with when they hear the name of the business or see the retail store. A strong, eye-catching logo will help cement your business in customer's minds and can foster loyalty, especially if your business is known for high-quality products, great prices and great customer service.

How to Maximize Online Branding

The first step to online branding is differentiation. What makes your company different from the other ones in the same market? Get your brand's logo design to be memorable, and then back it up with a great slogan. Use your brand on all of your communications and place it in a prominent spot on your website. Don't overpower your customers, but ensure that it's front-and-center on your homepage and on the letterhead of your e-mail communications.

Back your brand up with great marketing and use it in banner ads and micro-sites. Explain to your customers why you're better than your competitors. One way to do this is to compare products in your line—product branding is important to show your customers that your business carries high-quality merchandise. Consider a promotional product with your brand on it to catch customers' attention.

Use e-mail, your website and social media to brand yourself and to get it out to the public. Internet branding is also very important, as well as press releases and articles released online. Lastly, hiring a PR person can help you garner media attention and present yourself as a good, solid business that customers will want to be loyal to.

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