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A home-based business is an enticing prospect for many people—it seems to promise a better life balance, more freedom, full control and opportunity for a better income. And while these prizes will come to those who are well-prepared and exceptionally driven, working from home does bring obstacles, challenges and an often overwhelming set of responsibilities. However, with some insight and a lot of planning, you may find that this is the opportunity you've been looking for. Learn what you can expect when starting a home-based business and the most important things to consider as you move along the path to entrepreneurial success.

What to Consider When You Work at Home

Whether you're interested in a full-time endeavor or simply a supplementary income, working from home brings specific challenges. Successful entrepreneurs share some common characteristics, one of which is exceptional foresight. How will your product or service fare in the competitive market? Do you have a sound management strategy prepared? And even more importantly, will you be able to manage your time and effort effectively while working from your home? You will meet with distractions and challenges in a home office setting, and it can demand significantly more focus than traditional work environments. Be sure that you and your family are fully behind the effort.

If you're looking for a home-based business opportunity, look very carefully—there are plenty of scams out there waiting for unwary profit seekers longing to work from home. Be suspicious of low workload/high payoff jobs with vague descriptions. Instead, stick to legitimate business, government or entrepreneurial websites that provide a range of advice, articles, case studies and links to helpful organizations. You'll avoid disappointment and expensive mistakes with a practical and realistic approach.

Starting a Home-Based Business

If you have the self-discipline, energy and ambition that a home-based business demands, the next step will be to formulate a sound business plan. A succinct vision, market evaluation and marketing strategy are important aspects, but management strategy is particularly crucial when you plan to work from home.

As the sole operator of your business, you'll need all the business knowledge that an office team would normally offer. You'll be assuming competing roles and responsibilities, which can add up to a stressful environment; your best move will be to get some business training and consult with experts to make sure you're doing all you can to keep your business afloat. Once you have a comprehensive plan, begin to apply to lenders for the necessary startup capital, and you'll be well on your way to launching your home-based business.

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