Product Development

Steps and strategy for new product development

New product development is a crucial part of business, and it can be one of the most challenging aspects a company will face. A great product may get you noticed, but competition, market trends and consumer preference will always demand newer and better products. Coming up with the next indispensable item takes time, insight and, most importantly, flexibility; product development can be an unforgiving process and only the best ideas will make it through to the development stage. However, some key strategies, helpful tools and a good grasp of the product development process will help you to generate and test products with real potential for success.

The Product Development Process

The complete product development process covers everything from idea generation and design to market research and marketing analysis. Beginning with the generation of the idea, you'll need to connect with the variety of resources around you to refine and clarify your thoughts. New product development should rest on market research and thorough analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities involved with your product. Before you begin to devote time and money to the physical development, be sure to screen the idea to ensure it will be affordable, will do well at the start and has the staying power or adaptability that it will need to survive out there in the competitive market.

There are also more technical issues involved with product development, and you'll need to acknowledge them early on in your venture. Legal issues having to do with patents and the real cost of producing the item are important points to consider, along with plans for quality control and supplier relationships. The key to a good start for a product lots of analysis and testing, which will likely require the help of skilled marketers, business analysts and other technical experts in your field.

New Product Development Strategy and Tools

Breaking your product down into levels may help you to better visualize how it will fare in the market. Start with the core product, which is the reason that someone would want that general product. The next level is more specific, defining the features and benefits that give your product an advantage over similar products. The final level is removed from the physical properties—it's the service that surrounds your product, such as sales, warranties and delivery.

This process can be lengthy and demanding, as you will likely go through many ideas that prove to be inadequate or faulty before you find the one that will lead to success. However, it will be worth it in the end when you have a solid product and an insightful approach to help you achieve success. Product development software is a good tool to help you analyze and manage product data, costs and engineering changes. Browse through several versions to find one that is intuitive, easy to use and helpful for your particular industry, and get started on the path to a popular product.

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