Discover the e-commerce solutions of tomorrow


It didn't take long for the massive commercial potential of the Internet to explode, and with vastly improved consumer confidence in the safety of e-commerce, billions of dollars are being spent online every year. Quite simply, the Internet is a forum that no business owner can afford to ignore in today's commercial landscape.

Electronic commerce takes many forms, but its most common application is in the automation of retail operations. If you want to increase your company's online visibility and offer your customers the ability to shop online, there are many exciting e-commerce solutions that you should consider.

Important Principles of E-commerce Web Site Design

In the world of e-commerce, simplicity is the key. You want to make your products easily accessible to online shoppers without cluttering the screen with unnecessary graphics and layouts. Aim for a logical organization of the products you're offering for sale, and be sure to pay special attention to your search tools. The easier they are to use and the more intuitive they are, the easier and faster it will be for your customers to find what they're looking for—which almost always leads to increased sales.

Using Flash animation is generally discouraged in the world of e-commerce. Not all browsers support it, so you may risk losing business simply because your customers can't access the site. In addition, Flash animations tend to drive up the price of your e-commerce Web hosting, because they are so rich in data.

Finally, be careful in your placement of links leading to important information your customers need to know. For example, prioritize links to your return and exchange policies, shipping information and the terms and conditions of service. Making this information easily accessible to customers will reduce misunderstandings and lead to increased levels of consumer satisfaction.

E-commerce Software Solutions

Some of the different types of e-commerce software available to business owners include shopping cart programs, email marketing programs, viral and social media marketing tools, and programs that will help you optimize your website content to generate higher search engine rankings. Of these, the most popular and commonly used are the shopping cart software programs, which make it easy for customers to manage and pay for their purchases.

In terms of e-commerce Web hosting, make sure you spend a little extra money to get on a secure server. Also, the more payment options you offer—including electronic money transfers, credit cards and checks—the more business you can expect to generate.

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