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Business travel has long been part of the commercial landscape. With more and more overseas markets opening up to capitalist investment, business travel to international destinations is at an all-time high. There's still a lot of domestic activity, too, since all the Web conferencing software in the world is no substitute for a face-to-face smile and a handshake.

However, there are many bases you need to cover to make sure you have a smooth, safe and productive trip. Specialized business travel services offer a wide range of resources to the jet-setting businessperson out to blaze new trails.

Take Advantage of Business Travel Services

While many people are booking their own business travel through Internet-based services, enlisting the help of a dedicated business travel agency has many advantages. These professionals can help you plan a comfortable itinerary if you need to navigate a complex route or make multiple stops. If your company has ongoing needs for business travel, the agency can take on more of a management role, providing value-added service and helpful advice.

Business Travel Tips

One of the most important things you need for your trip is something you can't pack: business travel insurance. This can be arranged by your company or on your own, but it is extremely important that you and your possessions are comprehensively covered in the event of an accident or mishap.

When you're packing, planning ahead is the key to taking only what you need and leaving behind items that are only going to encumber you. If you travel often, it's not a bad idea to keep a ready-packed suitcase of commonly used items on hand in case you get called on the road on short notice. For your business attire, choose items that you can easily mix and match to give yourself optimal flexibility.

Your travel briefcase should have extra office supplies, all the materials you'll need for any presentations you'll have to do and a single sheet containing all your travel information (hotel reservations, car rentals, etc.).

In terms of planning, give yourself a buffer day at either end of your trip to account for the possibility of delayed or canceled flights and other travel issues. You don't want to add to your stress by worrying about the important meeting you're missing while you're on a make-up flight 16 hours after your original was scheduled.

It saves time and worry to book through a business travel agency. These professionals understand the unique pressures business travelers face and have all the resources you need to have a productive trip.

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