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If you've decided to launch your own business but aren't yet sure of the direction you want to take, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of business opportunities available to you. Finding the perfect business opportunity means matching your skills and interests with the amount of time and capital you have available to build your new company. There are many strategies you can use to help you narrow down your endless options.

First, take stock of your reasons for launching your own business. For example, are you doing it so you have more time to spend at home with your family and your children? If so, a home-based business opportunity might be right for you. If you're looking to harness the success of a recognized and established system and you're willing to put in the work, a franchise business opportunity may be a better fit.

Types of Business Opportunities

Retail stores and restaurants account for a major percentage of new businesses, but these are by no means your only options. You can also establish a distributorship, sell licensed software or merchandise, or provide services for which there is a clear need in your community. Online opportunities also abound and are ideal if you want to work from home. For example, an Internet business opportunity might be found in opening an online retail store. Others could include creating a drop shipping enterprise, joining an affiliate network or forging your own path to success by identifying and filling needs that are not yet accounted for.

A franchise can be an excellent small business opportunity, because it allows you to draw on existing brand recognition and provides you with an excellent support network to get you through the first few months. Franchises still take a lot of work, but they can insulate you from some of the uncertainties of launching a new company.

Business Categories to Consider

If you're still stuck for ideas, approaching the question from the other angle may be more helpful. Instead of asking what type of business you want to start, commit yourself to a specific business category and the rest will fall into place more easily.

Draw on your training, experience and strengths. If you've been successful in sales positions in the past, for example, you can launch a business that will draw heavily on that expertise. The only real principle to follow is to avoid businesses you're not passionate about. If you don't love what you're doing, it'll be hard to find the motivation to succeed at it.

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