Business Continuity

The importance of business continuity planning

What would your company do in the event of an unforeseen disaster that wiped out your inventory, your information database or your physical facilities? Do you have a plan in place to continue operating even in the face of a major disruption to your supply or distribution chain? What would you do if some tragic event devastated your most important resources, your employees? If you don't have answers to these extremely important questions, you're in need of business continuity development.

Business continuity planning is an often-overlooked but critical area of business management. The fundamental tenets of business continuity disaster recovery are applicable to all businesses and organizations, including both private companies and not-for-profit organizations that deliver crucial services to those in need.

Central Concepts in Business Continuity Planning

At the heart of any continuity strategy is a business resumption plan that is unique to your organization. They are, by nature, reactive rather than proactive and aim to continue business operations to the greatest possible degree after a major event causes an interruption.

Business resumption plans address areas including data recovery, human resource management, business continuity budgeting and supply chain management considerations. They aim to allow the company to continue with its central and most important operations while it rebuilds after a disaster.

What You'll Learn from Business Continuity Training

In a business continuity training program, you will learn the importance of regularly testing and updating plans and why it's essential that you consider all types of threats (rather than only those which are most likely to affect you). You've got to create a plan built on the assumption that executive leadership may be unavailable, and it must be built with a thorough understanding of all the dependencies and interdependencies that your business relies on. The importance of telecommunications infrastructure and offsite data and business resumption plan backups will also be emphasized.

Remember that you don't have to create a business continuity plan yourself. You can also outsource the job to a specialized firm or professional with experience helping companies in your industry and your location form realistic, foolproof business resumption plans.

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