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Tax Attorneys

Taxes and tax law are complex and often confusing concepts. Even educated, intelligent and insightful people struggle to understand each and every rule for making a successful filing that will keep themselves and their business in good standing with government revenue agencies. Since a government audit can be an incredibly stressful, time-consuming and expensive process for a business owner, it is important to play it safe in all matters of uncertainty by discussing tax laws with a qualified tax attorney. Your tax attorney should have not only a degree from an accredited law school with strengths in tax law, but years of experience. Find out more about how to find a reliable tax attorney and which situations might require the help of a tax law firm.

Finding the Right Tax Attorney

When searching for tax help from an attorney, you want someone you can trust, and that means finding an attorney with not only excellent educational qualifications but also years of experience and a proven track record behind them. Some tax attorneys have worked in accounting departments or are even certified accountants; a lawyer with this kind of experience may be your best bet because they will know both the law and its practical application.

When You Need a Tax Attorney

There are several situations that require the help of a knowledgeable and qualified tax attorney. For example, if you want to start a new company, having someone on your side with expertise in small business tax law is very important. If you are interested in estate-planning strategies, a tax lawyer can outline your options. Or maybe you find yourself involved in a dispute with, or even under investigation by, the Internal Revenue Service (or equivalent government agency, outside the U.S.). A good tax attorney will be an invaluable business ally who can make sure you know and help to protect your rights.

Concerns about costs should not prevent you from consulting a tax attorney in a critical situation. First, the protection of your business should be a top priority. Second, in the United States, low-cost tax clinics are funded by the National Taxpayer Advocate and offer affordable legal assistance to all taxpayers.

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