The right lawyer for your business' legal needs


Lawyers make the world go round. Think about it: in business, they are a key part of starting a new company, incorporating an existing one, hammering out partnership negotiations, drawing up contracts, and dealing with nasty termination, severance and bankruptcy situations. Every business, big or small, should have a regular lawyer who can be contacted for advice in all of these situations. It's important a company's management be aware of their rights and those of their employees when it comes to issues such as pay, overtime, hours, workers' compensation, and health and safety. Here are some of the important areas of expertise filled by big and small business lawyers.

Employment Lawyers

The job of employment lawyers includes a wide range of vital workplace-related issues. Employment law is associated with the health and safety of workers, their pay, the number of hours they are allowed to work, how much they should make for overtime, and how old they should be prior to being hired. Employment business lawyers are also important in offering advice for both employers and ex-employees in cases where wrongful dismissal is alleged.

Contract Lawyers

These attorneys specialize in helping companies construct agreements between management and their in-house workers or contracted labor. Contract law is never easy, because the writer must adequately describe the agreement and leave nothing to interpretation. All companies should consult contract lawyers when it comes to articulating such an agreement.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

In 2009, over 8 million U.S. residents filed for personal bankruptcy. It's a sensitive and complex issue that can mean the difference between losing some money and losing a home, car or more. Bankruptcy lawyers can help individuals prevent the foreclosure of their homes and stop debt collectors from harassing them day and night. Business bankruptcy lawyers are also crucial for companies experiencing significant financial trouble, and can help management figure out a way to consolidate its debt, prevent further financial bleeding, and design a plan for getting back into the black.

Intellectual Property Lawyers

In order to protect trademarks and copyrights, both individuals and businesses should contact intellectual property lawyers. They can show you how to guard your ideas and patents, and can tell you what is and isn't covered under the law.

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