Employment Law

Ensuring labor law compliance

Employment Law

Employment law is a set of principles governing the relationship between employees and the businesses they work for. In certain industries it is also meant to act as an arbitrator between management and workers, and has in fact played a critical role in the development of the industrialized world. Today, on a broad scale it can determine the future of not just an individual and his or her company, but of a city, region and even nation. There are several different workplace-related concepts that fall under federal labor law.

Wages and Hours

The Fair Labor Standards Act governs overtime and minimum pay. The act, originally drawn up in 1938, determines standards for pay, but also for child labor and recordkeeping by an employer. The guidelines set out here apply to about 130 million workers in the United States, working in both full-time and part-time jobs. Employers who pay the minimum wage and employ young people will want to be very familiar with the FLSA. Employment law also includes workers compensation.

Safety Standards

It's important that the workplace remains a safe environment. That is the prerogative of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, which covers all states and territories in the U.S. Under the OHSA, employers are required to provide safe workplaces for employees, and to adopt safe work practices that make each worker's health a priority. Temporary workers and those who are self-employed should be aware that they are sometimes not covered by these state labor laws. Special legislation is in place to protect miners and farm workers.

Employment Lawyers

Do you think you've been wrongfully dismissed? Then you will want to consult an employment lawyer before moving forward with a lawsuit against a former employer. Employment lawyers are also experts in several other sub-fields, including severance packages, contracts between workers and employers, human rights, worker safety violations and sexual harassment. They can also work with employers who want advice or legal aid in cases involving termination or contracts. For recently terminated employees, an employment lawyer can help make them aware of their legal rights moving forward.

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