Find the best refinancing rates

When it comes to business loans, small businesses can often get a great rate with little or no credit, especially if the owner is in good credit standing. But sometimes the economy can change, or circumstances with the business can change, and the owner can be left with a big loan that he or she now does not have the means to pay off under the current terms. Refinancing refers to the practice of assuming a debt and replacing it with a debt under different, often better terms. It is a common practice by banks, credit unions and other lending companies.

Debt refinancing is often the best way to save your credit when it comes to your business. A loan can be refinanced for a variety of different reasons, but most of the time, the main one is to take advantage of a better interest rate so that the small business loan can be paid down faster. Economic downturn isn't the only reason that businesses refinance—they may refinance to consolidate other debts, reduce total monthly payments or free up cash. Whatever the reason for refinancing, it's often a good financial move for a new or struggling business.

Loan Refinancing Risks for Your Business

While refinancing is a great way to help with financial difficulty, there is a penalty. Refinanced loans are often for longer terms than the original debt, which can mean that the loan not only stays on your credit longer, it can also carry heavier fees in the end, known as "closing fees." Other fees can include transaction fees, which are calculated before the loan is refinanced, and can wipe out savings that the loan would garner for the business.

Refinancing rates start out low, but can add up over time, often higher than the original debt's terms. To get the best rates, lenders may require a large lump sum payment upfront in order to arrange a lower interest rate. However, some lenders may offer to finance part of the loans themselves for businesses in severe financial difficulty.

For those businesses that need financial help, refinancing can be a great option to free up some much-needed cash and lower monthly payments. Information about refinancing online may be a good place for businesses to start research on the lowest rates. While refinancing is a good way to consolidate debt load, due to its risks, it should be considered as a last option for businesses in financial need.

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