Business Cash Advance

Quick cash for your business

Unforeseen circumstances are a part of the business world. That's why, among all of the available business financial services, cash advances can be one of the most important. Whether a business credit card cash advance or other business advance, the funds are usually offered to provide qualified parties with access to new capital, as part of a program for beginning a new business or expanding an existing one.

A company's success in being able to find business cash advances depends in part on their credit history. Although there are business cash advance companies that offer capital to any new or growing firm, no matter their credit, these investment opportunities should be approached with some caution. Once acquired, a cash advance for business is typically used for fueling many different types of new ventures, including advertising and marketing campaigns, the purchase of new equipment and supplies, the expansion of an office or manufacturing facility and the implementation of invoice and payment systems.

Getting a Business Cash Advance

Cash advance programs are offered to businesses by their financial institutions or credit card providers. Like the approval for the advance, the amount a company can borrow is determined by its credit history. In most situations, a small business cash advance program offered by a credit card company requires the business to pay an interchange fee, but this may be waived depending on the nature of the advance and the business's credit history.

If you are investigating a business cash advance through your bank and/or business credit card, you should be aware of the conditions and interest payments involved, especially if you intend to use the advance to start a business and do not yet receive a steady reliable income from it that would guarantee timely repayment. Some business loans and credit card companies charge significant user fees and 20 to 23 percent interest (or even more), additional costs that could compromise the viability of a cash advance. Also, some programs for businesses void the interest-free period normally offered to those who demonstrate that they pay their bill in full each billing period.

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