VoIP Phone Systems

Connect for less with a wireless VoIP phone

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communication systems have revolutionized the ways in which we communicate with each other. By using an Internet connection in combination with any type of communication device (including VoIP Internet phone, VoIP phone fax or wireless VoIP phone), VoIP can save you money on your phone bill by eliminating costly installation, hardware and long-distance fees.

VoIP has actually been around for a long time, but it seems that people have been hesitant to embrace the technology because they're not sure of the hardware requirements. Most people are fairly comfortable just picking up the phone to call a friend or establish a business contact, and the fear of the quality of an Internet call or the assumption that you can only make the calls using a computer makes them hesitant to give up their phone systems.

Today's VoIP hardware products should help reduce public anxiety over letting go of the line. You can use almost any type of phone with your VoIP connection, even your favorite old handset that has been hanging on the wall for years.

USB VoIP Phone

The easiest way to use your VoIP is with a USB VoIP phone. USB VoIP phones can easily be plugged into your computer's USB port and used with any VoIP software. They look just like regular phones, and other than being plugged into the computer rather than the phone jack, they work in exactly the same way. You can buy USB connections that easily hook up to traditional phones and provide you with the ability to plug that phone into your computer.

VoIP Cell Phone

The VoIP cell phone is a recent development in Internet telecommunications. Traditionally, your VoIP phone had to be connected to a computer in order to operate. However, with recent developments in wireless Internet technology, VoIP has also gone wireless and cellular. VoIP cell phones use a wireless Internet connection. Currently, you can only use VoIP cell phones in areas where a wireless Internet signal is available. However, with recent developments in internal Internet access, the possibilities for VoIP cellular service are endless.

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