Time-Tracking Software

Simplify your records with employee time-tracking software

Time-tracking software is a great tool to help you minimize the work involved in keeping your employee records in order. Employee time tracking software, including time and attendance tracking software, can help you centralize your human resources and your accounting needs by keeping track of when and where your employees are working, how much money they're owed, how much time off they have available, and if they owe any time to the company.

Time-tracking business software is especially useful for those companies that pay by the hour, rather than working with salaries. You can use this software to monitor when your employees are clocking in and how much time they're taking for things such as breaks and lunches.

Using punch cards can also reduce the instances of disagreement between the employee and payroll, as there is physical evidence of when the employee was working. You may even find that if you have established HR information systems, you already have access to time-tracking software, which is often part and parcel of the top human resources management systems.

Time-Tracking Hardware

One of the key elements to a successful employee time-tracking system is reliable and accurate hardware. While you want to take the time to look for software that is compatible with any existing HR program you may already have, you also need to make sure that your hardware can help you get the task done accurately.

Make sure that you have a reliable time clock that can't be tampered with easily and provides accurate time records. Put the punch clock in an easy-to-access and obvious place, so that you don't have problems with employees forgetting to clock in or out. Also make sure that employees have easy access to punch cards that are clearly labeled so that there is no danger of lost cards or inaccurate personal records.

Free Time-Tracking Software

You can try to save some money by searching online for free time-tracking software. However, remember to use caution and double-check your choices before you start using them. You need to ensure that your time-tracking software is accurate and reliable, and you may find that you get what you pay for when downloading free software.

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