Smartphone software, ringtones and other downloads

Your Smartphone can be a great business tool, offering you a variety of communication and document solutions all in one small package. Smartphone software includes anything from Microsoft Office capabilities to the latest in gaming technology. The type of Smartphone applications you need all depend on how exactly you expect to use your phone.

Blackberries are the leaders in Smartphone technology and business communication. Providing you with a variety of options for syncing your phone with your office PC or laptop, the Blackberry has quickly become the industry standard. However, with the increase in Smartphone options, from iPhones to android phones, the types of software and applications available to the Smartphone user has increased exponentially; business phone systems are no longer plain.

Smartphone Ringtones

Regardless of the ways in which you intend to use your phone, Smartphone ringtones are important for users. Your ringtone can tell people a lot about you, from the type of music you like to the type of business you're in. In most instances, you want your ringtone to project a professional and capable image, so you should try to avoid any tones that consist of Top 40 music hits or anything super trendy. On the other hand, you want your ringtone to express your personality, so maybe your favorite song or TV show theme isn't so bad. It's best to strike a balance between the two.

Another thing to remember: keep your ringtone at a reasonable volume. No matter how great it is, nobody wants to hear it all the way across the restaurant where you're holding your latest business luncheon. Be considerate of those around you when you're choosing your ringtone and setting your volume.

Smartphone Games

The great thing about a Smartphone is that you can use it to entertain yourself when you're stuck with some time on your hands. Whether you're waiting for the next flight, the next meeting or simply waiting in line at the DMV, Smartphone games can keep your mind busy and your frustration level at a minimum.

However, remember that you can easily top out your Smartphone bill by constantly downloading applications such as ringtones and games. Keep an eye on how often you're downloading, and also check to make sure that there isn't a regular user cost associated with any downloads you purchase. If you have to pay each time you log onto that great new game, you may find yourself wasting hundreds of dollars a month trying to keep yourself entertained.

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