Office Equipment

Commercial and home office equipment

The office equipment you need can run the gamut from a stapler to an industrial-sized shredding machine. However, whether you're looking for commercial or home office equipment, you don't have to break the bank. You can stock your space with office supplies and equipment for reasonable prices if you're willing to shop around.

When shopping for office equipment, you should always compare how much the item costs with how much benefit it can offer your company. If you send out tons of mass mailings to advertise your regularly changing specials, mailing equipment might be at the top of your list. If you anticipate that most of your sales transactions will be completed by credit card, then perhaps you should make the purchase of credit card terminals a priority.

Used Office Equipment

Used office equipment is a great money-saving option for new start-up businesses that need to populate an entire space on a small budget. If you shop around, you can even find the most expensive equipment, such as computers and communication devices, at reduced prices.

However, if you're shopping used, be cautious, as the rule is always "buyer beware." Take the time to fully examine the item before agreeing to purchase. You don't want your used equipment to cost you more in repairs than it's worth.

Shopping online is a great way to find used office equipment. Online auctions are full of options, and you may be able to score a great deal on a piece of uncommon office equipment that not a lot of people are bidding on. Be careful not to get caught up in a bidding war, though. Overzealous and competitive auctioning can result in paying a lot more for an item than you intended.

Office Equipment Rental

Office equipment rental is another great option for a start-up company working with a small budget, or for those large-ticket items that you may not need frequently. Rather than investing a ton of money on interior modular buildings when you're only dividing up your space for a monthly meeting, or purchasing a paper shredder when you have only the occasional project that will require confidential disposal, office equipment leasing can provide you with the same pieces at a fraction of the cost, and without the need to store them when they're not in use.

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