Maintenance Management Software

Learn about maintenance management systems

By helping you organize the regular care and maintenance of your office and your equipment, maintenance management software can save you money and prevent damages. Computerized maintenance management software, sometimes also called task management software, acts as a regular checkup on the care and control of your equipment.

Maintenance management software is like a doctor's assistant for your company's equipment: it offers reminders about regularly scheduled maintenance, records maintenance history, including tasks completed and employee involvement, and keeps track of when, where and how the equipment has been used. You can easily coordinate your maintenance management software with your office management software to provide a centralized record of activities that are going on within your organization.

Using a Maintenance Management System

Your maintenance management system should include or work with software that records and keeps track of tasks, provides reminders, schedules tasks and even assigns work to employees. A great way to utilize the software is to set up automatically generated e-mails that are sent to the people in charge of any particular piece of equipment and its operation. You may even find software that provides you with the opportunity to automatically set up maintenance and care appointments for tasks that need to be completed outside of your company.

Your maintenance management system must be able to clearly communicate with other departments, such as human resources, to ensure that the scheduling is accurate and tasks are completed as assigned. While the maintenance management system can be used to organize the efficient maintenance of your equipment, there needs to be an employee or employees responsible for the effective delivery of tasks.

Decrease Operation Costs

Your maintenance management system should help you decrease the costs of operation by preventing costly damage to your equipment and providing you with a centralized record of all the maintenance tasks that are required and completed.

The software you choose should be easy to use and even easier to read, as it should be designed to show you the "big picture" and help you make quick decisions regarding the maintenance of your equipment and your workforce.

For larger companies, you may even consider combining your maintenance management software with your fleet maintenance, centralizing all your maintenance and transportation needs and responsibilities in one easy-to-access area.

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