Interactive Kiosks

The customer convenience of a touchscreen kiosk

A simple and convenient solution to your customer service needs may just include interactive kiosks, or touch screen kiosks. An interactive kiosk can provide a great, cost-effective option for self-service because it allows your customers to complete their transactions without the need for a customer service agent. However, you need to remember that any customer can run into difficulty as they work through their transaction, so you can't completely forgo customer service in favor of self-service.

Some of the transactions that can be completed with a touchscreen kiosk include purchasing merchandise, renewing subscriptions or service agreements, entering contracts, accessing a help desk, doing comparison shopping or completing banking transactions.

Customization and Care of Kiosk Touch Screens

If you're going to use a touch screen kiosk with your business, one of the most important aspects is the actual kiosk touch screen itself. Remember that you're trying to allow your customers a convenient self-serve option, so you need to ensure that the screen is reliable and easy to read. Consider things such as font and print size, as well as the use of graphics to represent buttons or touch-areas.

You should also monitor your kiosk touch screen periodically to check that it isn't worn down by overuse. The problem with some touch screens is that if they're used frequently, they can become desensitized to the touch that is supposed to activate them. Even worse, if the screen gets scratched, it may not process touch the same way, which can result in transaction errors.

Take care that your customers enjoy their experience using the touch screen, or they won't return to it.

Other Ways to Encourage Use of Touch Screen Kiosks

Ensure that your touch screen kiosk provides a customer-focused experience so that the client doesn't feel as if he or she has missed out on anything by using the kiosk instead of speaking directly with a customer service or other company representative. There should also be some additional benefit or incentive, such as reduced wait time or reduced prices, for customers who choose to use a self-serve kiosk. For example, some banks offer accounts with lower service fees if customers complete their transactions at an ATM instead of with a teller.

The interactive kiosk should be convenient to access and use; place it in a high-traffic, obvious area so that your customers can easily find it.

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