Document Management Software

Essential file management software

Document management software is vital to the smooth running of your company. Regardless of the type of organization you're working with, any kind of business is based on different types of paperwork, from financial information to customer records. Document management software, or file management software, can help you organize all your most important information into easy-to-access and understandable records.

Many businesses used to drown under mountains of paperwork that needed to be physically stored in order to keep records. However, today's modern office is practically entirely electronic or online, so electronic document management software makes the record-keeping and filing tasks simple. Electronic document management is quicker, much more environmentally friendly, and allows you to sort and file all your important information on a single hard drive or flash drive.

Legal Document Management Software

Legal document management software is a little more specific than your general document management software or document management systems. Similar to electronic medical records, many legal documents contain sensitive personal information that requires additional security in order to remain confidential.

When shopping for legal document management software, make sure you find a product that focuses on encoding information and protecting it with options such as passwords or lock codes. You want the information to be easy to access and use, but you also don't want it to be available to everyone in the office or the general public.

Free Document Management Software

A quick online search reveals several options for free document management software. Many of these products can also provide you with online communication services, such as document sharing, communal editing, e-meetings or VoIP conference calls.

However, if you're using free document management software, make sure that you're not sharing confidential information, especially if the software doesn't offer information encoding. While free document management software is convenient to use and a great way to cut your software budget, you have to remember that when it comes to online products, you're often getting what you pay for and the free services may not be as secure as the full-priced options.

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